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Green Infrastructure / Low-Impact Development

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Rain Barrels, Rain Gardens, Green-Walls, Pollution Buffers, Living Signage

Residential Landscaping


rustic raised beds & Terraces

Using natural materials and second-hand construction 'waste' to give structure, shape, and visual appeal to a garden or landscape helps us maintain affordability, while utilizing these elements innate benefits to a system. Natural logs and stones feed soil life, retain and harvest moisture and heat, and with an eye for design can create beautiful landscapes in harmony with the ecosystem in both look and purpose.

Aesthetic with Function

For many home, land, and business owners curb appeal, and a look of manicured order are the top priority for a landscape. Combining strategic placement of perennial and self-seeding plants with infrastructure such as trellises, arbors, stone pathways, and graveled swales, decreases maintenance, mimics successful ecosystems in nature, all the while suggesting a careful order of a designed landscape.

The grape vine canopy above provides shade in the summer for the driveway and staircase, produces an edible yield, and impressive curb appeal. The garden bed uses drought hardy, perennial, and edible plants with showy foliage and seasonal blooms to provide non-irrigated beauty, and an array of culinary herbs just a step from your door. By mixing the preexisting familiar landscaping plants such as the Japanese Maple and Box Elder with less typical varieties and a rock garden for accent, the neighbors will never know you have food in your front lawn.

Hedges & Fedges

Privacy, Windbreak, Wildlife, Food Production, Livestock, Pollution Buffer

Ponds & Aquaculture

Design, Construction, Planting, Maintenance

Food Forestry & Edible Landscaping

Using a mix of edible native plants and ideal domesticated culinary perennials we create resilient, Ozark specific, food-bearing ecosystems.

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Bat Boxes, Mason Bee Hives, Butterfly Gardens, Bird Gardens, Insect Hotels

Evolving Maintenance Packages

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Transformation on a budget

Relocating native plants, 'volunteers', and natural resources on the property we can create a fresh landscape with familiar components and avoid the steep prices of nursery plant starters.

A little mulch, natural stones, and a trellis can turn a weedy yard into an ecosystem with intention.

Education & Strategy

We create written proposals, guides, and project estimates to enable you to make informed design choices and lead you through the weeds in our absence.

Community Projects