Founded by Täs Zinck and Chase Jones, Biodesic Strategies offers permaculture design, consultation, and strategy to NW Arkansas and Beyond


Through implementing ecological design principles for your residence, homestead, business, event, eco-village, or farm, we assist you in maximizing both long-term and short-term yields, reappraise and discover undervalued resources, all the while improving your environmental impact.


Team-Leaders    /     Co-Founders


Täs Zinck
Permaculturist & Educator

Lifetime gardener who has been practicing permaculture for over 7 years.  Previously co-founded and managed Living Earth Ark Food Forestries a non-profit dedicated to Permaculture education and advocacy. Apprenticed in Ozark Herbalism, and accumulated knowledge in Green-Infrastructure and Sustainability Skills from a variety of workshops, classes, and self-study.



Chase Jones
Permaculturist & Art Direction

Took his Permaculture Design course with Alan Booker at Wheaton Labs after having already studied and practiced Permaculture Design for years. Currently studying Cultural Anthropology to discover how new and old techniques from around the world can be applied to modern Permaculture Applications. His long-time experience in visual art, painting, and computer design & illustration software is evident in his artistic renderings of landscape design, vision maps, and diagrams.

Core Team Members


Cloey Grote
Design/Implementation Assistant

Her ample experience in gardening and plant identification, minor in Sustainability, and experience in harvest preservation and preperation makes her an important part of the Biodesic team.



Adri Pianalto
Design/Administrative Assistant

Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science Planning and Administration. Skilled with Geographical Information Systems. Fayetteville Native, she lives on her family's 70 acre land.


Cody Davis
Urban Planner/Low-Impact Development Specialist

Degree in Urban Planning from The New School in NYC with an emphasis on Low-Impact Development and Urban Food Systems. Worked on the VICE green-roof project and currently oversees Biodesic's sister firm, Ecological Innovations, in San Fransisco, California.

Associates & Consultants

Clay Mullis
Software Engineer

Haley Shivers
Environmental Assessor

Dagen Ames
Orchard Specialist & Consultant

Cheanie Ku

Aaron Szabo
Video and Audio

Evan Douglas
Architecture Consultant

Travis Ramsey
Mechanical Engineer
Green-Tech Innovation

Taylor Gladwin

Sustainability &
Lifestyle Writer


Open Positions

Garden Sketch Artist(2).png

Branding/Marketing  Intern

  Resume material for those pursuing a career in PR, marketing, social media coordination, and/or other related fields. Can qualify for school credit if needed.


  • Writing, Graphic Design, and/or Artistic Background

  • Experience or Education in Marketing/Brand Building

  • Social Media Coordination Experience

Design Intern

  You will get portfolio experience in green-infrastructure/permaculture/ecological design, occasional paid field-work, and will be first to be considered for full/part-time hire.

Paid work starting at $15/hour.


  • Knowledge of Botany, Soil & Water Sciences, and/or Ecology

  • Experience in Landscaping or an Ecological Field

  • Construction or Related Trade Skill

  • A Passion for Learning

(Currently Filled)
Part-Time Assistant

  Paid field-work, portfolio experience in green-infrastructure/permaculture/ecological design, and will be considered for full-time hire when revenue allows.

Starting at $15/hour



  • Knowledge of Botany, Soil & Water Sciences, and/or Ecology

  • Experience in Landscaping or Other Field Related to Applied Ecology

  • Construction or Related Trade Skill

  • A Passion for Learning


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